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I'm currently migrating this site to be a static site built with Franklin.jl — there might be a few issues to be resolved! (E.g., the blog...)

About me

A picture of David AW Barton I’m a Reader (equivalent to Associate Professor for those outside the UK) in Engineering Mathematics at the University of Bristol, UK. I’m active in research in nonlinear dynamics and control, mixed in with a bit of machine learning and robotics. I’m also husband to Johanna and father of Phoebe, Niamh, Esther, Titus, and Charlotte. These site is a mixture of my personal interests and my professional work ― who said business and pleasure don’t mix?!

I also have a blog but it isn't updated all that frequently.

You can find me on GitHub as @dawbarton and Twitter as @davidawbarton (though I don't use Twitter so much). If you are a Julia user, you can usually find me on Discourse or Slack as @dawbarton.

Professional contact details

For professional activities (i.e., mathematics/science/university enquiries), please email david.barton@bristol.ac.uk or telephone my office on 0117 3315613. The postal address is

Department of Engineering Mathematics
Merchant Venturers Building
University of Bristol
Woodland Road
Bristol BS8 1UB
United Kingdom

My office is room 2.44 in the Merchant Venturers Building.

My main official responsibility is Faculty Admissions and Recruitment Officer (FARO) for Engineering. I’m overall responsible for student admissions into the Faculty of Engineering (both undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes).

Personal contact details

For everything else (including open source software) email davebarton@cityinthesky.co.uk.