Open source

Here are some of the open source projects that I’ve worked on in the past. Sadly due to time constraints (and the fact that I don’t use the related platforms any more) both DCPcrypt and confluence-mathjax have been retired.

You can find many of my current code offerings on my GitHub page.

If you want to contact me about any of these projects, you can email me at


A real-time controller designed around the BeagleBone Black. This low-cost piece of hardware (and associated software) can do the job of much more expensive commercial real-time control offerings (e.g., dSpace), though without a nice GUI interface. Matlab and Python interfaces available.

See the GitHub page for the code. If you are interested in the RTC, it's best to get in touch with me.


A little program that converges a (page of a) PDF file into a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file which can be opened by Inkscape. It’s nothing more than a simple wrapper over the top of Poppler and Cairo.

Since it's quite popular, it gets its own page.


A simple implementation of Barycentric polynomials (interpolation and differentiation) for generic numeric types using Barycentric Lagrange Interpolation by Berrut and Trefethen (SIAM Review 46, pgs. 501-517) in Julia.

Source code available from BarycentricInterpolation.jl on GitHub.