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I have a broad range of research interests across the field of applied mathematics, but I focus particularly on engineering-related applications including robotics. Many mathematicians would call me an engineer, whilst many would engineers call me a mathematician — you can form your own opinions!

I’m more generally interested in the theory/practice underpinning scientific computing and programming. I'm very keen on the Julia programming language and recommend it for technical computing.

My specialties include

See my page on potential research topics for some thoughts on these areas.

Despite being focussed on mathematics, I'm keen to 'get my hands dirty' by working directly with physical experiments. As such, the challenges of dealing with systems that are stochastic or uncertain are of significant interest to me. Related to this, Scientific Machine Learning (SciML) is an area that I am focussing on at the moment since it brings the possibility of fusing physics-based differential-equation models with machine learnt models. If you are interested in learning more about SciML, Chris Rackauckas has produced a nice tutorial for doing SciML in Julia.


If you are interested in working with me, either as a PhD student or a Research Associate (post-doc) do get in touch. For prospective students, there is a page on potential research topics.

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Current research students

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