I manage a collaborative and friendly group of researchers who strive to do excellent work at the intersection of applied mathematics, engineering, and machine learning. We work within the larger Engineering Mathematics Research Group and have strong connections to other areas such as the Robotics Research Group, the Dynamics and Control Research Group, and the Computational Neuroscience Research Group. It’s a very supportive environment, with researchers going on to a wide range of opportunities including lectureships (e.g., Imperial, Exeter, Glasgow) and industrial careers (e.g., Dyson, Rolls Royce, GraphCore).

If you are looking for a PhD projects, see my posts with the potential-project tag. Most of the projects are fairly broad in scope so there is plenty of room to define your own directions, though occasionally I’ll post more restrictive projects when the funding source is more prescriptive. I’ve got some funding information below for both PhD and post-doctoral researchers to answer some common questions I get. Feel free to drop me an email with your CV if you are interested in any of the projects or have other (related) ideas of your own.

I seek to follow the UKRIO Code of Practice for Research and I strongly encourage others to do the same.

I prefer to work in a very open manner; though it can sometimes lead to ideas being stolen, I find that it is more rewarding to share ideas freely than to hold them to myself. I endeavour to attribute ideas to their original creators and ensure that people get the credit they deserve, I only ask that you try to do the same.

Funding for research staff

If you are looking for a Research Associate (post-doctoral) position, I advertise all my available jobs on jobs.ac.uk. If you are interested in applying for post-doctoral fellowships jointly with me, do get in touch. I have previously supported (successful) applications for Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowships and for Royal Academy of Engineering fellowships. I’d be very happy to support applicants looking to apply to other fellowship schemes as well.

Funding for research students

Funding for PhD students is quite limited at the moment; the main sources are

  • EPSRC doctoral training partnership (DTPs) — this funding is usually allocated in January each year to start the following October, though sometimes late funding appears. These awards are usually quite restricted in terms of who can apply, though the proportion of international students who can be funded through EPSRC has increased to 30%; see the EPSRC eligibility page.
  • EPSRC doctoral training centres (CDTs) — these are large centres taking on around 10 students per year. There is typically year of taught material followed by 3 years of research.
  • Chinese Scholarship Council — relevant for students resident in China only.

If you are aware of other funding sources and would like to apply to them to be able to work with me, please get in touch.