Previous post-doctoral research staff

  • Ludovic Renson — worked on control theory and related aspects control-based continuation (September 2014 until August 2019). Went on to a lectureship at Imperial College.
  • Irene Tartaruga — worked on control-based continuation as part of the EPSRC grant “Next-generation test methods for nonlinear structures” (May 2017 to December 2018). Went on to work as a Loads and Aerodynamics Engineer at Stirling Dynamics.

Previous doctoral research students

  • Kirsty Aquilina — Tactile perception and control of a soft shear-sensitive optical tactile sensor (awarded PhD 24 June 2021).
  • Adam Zienkiewicz — Data-driven modelling of zebrafish locomotion and collective behaviour (awarded PhD 10 May 2016). Went on to work as a Robotics Engineer at Dyson.
  • Dan Hewitt — Detecting freeplay in mechanical systems (awarded PhD 10 May 2016). Went on to work as a Research Engineer at MASS.
  • Andrea Cammarano — Increasing the bandwidth of resonant vibration-based energy harvesters (awarded PhD 8 January 2013). Went on to a lectureship at the University of Glasgow.